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Question 1: Early on, film makers would rely upon ________ for a main character's thoughts, but, while some films (e.g.
Voice-overDan CastellanetaVoice actingHank Azaria

Question 2: ________ consciously imitated the arch with his Henry V (1944), having the camera begin to move and to use color stock after the prologue, indicating the passage from physical to imaginative space.
John GielgudAlec GuinnessLaurence OlivierJack Lemmon

Question 3: When a film's screenplay is original, it can also be the source of ________ such as novels and plays.
CopyrightDerivative workFair usePublic domain

Question 4: In ________ films based on video games are more prevalent due to the popularity of animation, which allows certain games to be adapted more cheaply and faithfully than in live action.
United KingdomJapanCanadaCambodia

Question 5: The second X-Men film was loosely based on the graphic novel X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills and Spider-Man 2 was based on the storyline Spider-Man No More! and the third film on the storyline ________.
DeadpoolThe Dark Phoenix SagaCable (comics)Alpha Flight

Question 6: ________) may self-consciously invoke the older era of film by the use of voice over, such devices have been used less and less with time.
Blade RunnerGladiator (2000 film)Alien (film)Hannibal (film)

Question 7: Spamalot is a Broadway play based on ________ films.
Eric IdleJohn CleeseMonty PythonMichael Palin

Question 8: Rowan Atkinson has starred in three British films that originated on television: Johnny English, ________ and its sequel Mr. Bean's Holiday.
MaizeCommon beanSoybeanBean

Question 9: ________'s works have been adapted multiple times in several nations.
TroyClassical antiquityAncient GreeceHomer

Question 10: Self-contained graphic novels, and miniseries many of which do not feature superheroes, can be adapted more directly, such as in the case of ________ (2002) or V for Vendetta (2006).
Road to PerditionSuperman ReturnsWatchmen (film)The Dark Knight (film)

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