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Filipino language: Quiz


Question 1: Filipino uses the ________ with the addition of the 2 letters Ñ and Ng.
Runic alphabetLatin alphabetPhoenician alphabetArabic alphabet

Question 2:

Question 3: del Pilar College of Law of ________ following a directive from the Supreme Court of the Philippines.
Malolos CityPampangaMetro ManilaBulacan State University

Question 4:
Who of the following spoke at the Filipino language?
2.3 u2013 3 million
Overall: 90 million
Second language: 199 – 600 million
66 million native

Question 5: indigenous written and spoken language of ________ and other urban centers in the Philippines used as the language of communication of ethnic groups.
Valenzuela CityQuezon CityMetro ManilaLuzon

Question 6: Filipino is the national language of the Philippines and, along with English, is an official language designated in the 1987 ________.
Politics of the PhilippinesConstitution of the PhilippinesSupreme Court of the PhilippinesPresident of the Philippines

Question 7: One famous event in which the definition between Filipino and Tagalog was challenged was during the impeachment trial of the former President ________.
Joseph EstradaKris AquinoJinggoy EstradaCesar Montano

Question 8: Sometimes the term "Filipino" is incorrectly used as the generic name for all the languages of the Philippines which, in turn, would be termed as ________.
English languageGerman languageDialectDialect continuum

Question 9: The Filipino language remains in evolution, development, and further enrichment on the basis of existing ________ and other languages.
Languages of the PhilippinesLanguages of MalaysiaLanguages of Hong KongLanguages of Singapore

Question 10: Filipino is considered by ________ to be a variant of Tagalog, a Central Philippine language within the Malayo-Polynesian branch of the Austronesian language family.
Mayan languagesLanguage isolateAltaic languagesEthnologue


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