Filename extension: Quiz

Question 1: This is sometimes referred to as the ________ convention, and since the word basename is eight letters long and ext is a reasonable abbreviation for extension, it can be generalized as:
8.3 filenameFilename extensionFile Allocation TableMicrosoft Windows

Question 2: Pre-OS X versions of the ________ disposed of filename extensions entirely, instead using a file type code to identify the file format.
MacintoshMac OSFinder (software)Mac OS X

Question 3: This is different from ________ operating systems, where a suffix is not a separate namespace, and where even having a suffix is voluntary, as file system permissions are used to decide whether a file is executable.
Mac OS XUnix-likeLinuxGNU

Question 4: If the implementation language is changed, the command name extension is changed as well, and the OS provides a consistent ________ by allowing the same extension-less version of the command to be used in both cases.
LinuxJava (programming language)Application programming interfaceUnix

Question 5: The KDE and ________ desktop environments associate an internet media type with a file by examining both the filename suffix and the contents of the file, in the fashion of the file command, as a heuristic.
XfceLXDEEnlightenment (window manager)GNOME

Question 6: ________, whose BFS file system supports extended attributes, would tag a file with its internet media type as an extended attribute.
Be Inc.BeOS R5.1d0Haiku (operating system)BeOS

Question 7: ________ accepts the separator dot as a legal character but does not give it a special recognition on the OS level.
UnixMan pageGNU Core UtilitiesAWK

Question 8: ________ uses both filename extensions and media types, as well as file type codes, to select a Uniform Type Identifier by which to identify the file type internally.
Safari (web browser)Mac OS XQuickTimeMac OS X Server

Question 9: The hope is that this will appear as LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT, a harmless text file, without alerting the user to the fact that it is a harmful computer program, in this case written in ________.
Windows Script HostJScriptVBScriptInternet Explorer

Question 10: There have been instances of malware crafted to exploit vulnerabilities in some Windows applications which could cause a stack-based ________ when opening a file with an overly long, unhandled filename extension.
Buffer overflow protectionPaXBuffer overflowStack buffer overflow

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