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File system: Quiz


Question 1: ________ allows for spanning a file system across multiple devices for the purpose of adding redundancy, capacity, and/or throughput.
IBM AIXOperating systemZFSLogical volume management

Question 2: Most modern space exploration craft like ________ used Real-time operating system file systems or RTOS influenced file systems.
New HorizonsLunar Reconnaissance OrbiterPlanetary Observer programCassini–Huygens

Question 3: This interface can be textual (such as provided by a command line interface, such as the ________, or OpenVMS DCL) or graphical (such as provided by a graphical user interface, such as file browsers).
Shell (computing)Bourne shellUnix shellBash (Unix shell)

Question 4: Deep space science exploration craft, like ________ & II used digital tape-based special file systems.
Voyager 2Voyager 1New HorizonsJupiter

Question 5: (Journaling) VxFS, Sun Microsystems (Clustering) QFS, Sun Microsystems (Journaling) UFS, and Sun Microsystems (open source, poolable, 128 bit compressible, and error-correcting) ________.
Darwin (operating system)HFS PlusMac OS XZFS

Question 6: A flash file system is a file system designed for storing files on ________ devices.
Read-only memoryRandom-access memoryFlash memoryDynamic random access memory

Question 7: Releases of Solaris 10, Solaris Express, ________, and other open source variants of the Solaris operating system later supported bootable ZFS.

Question 8: ________ operating systems create a virtual file system, which makes all the files on all the devices appear to exist in a single hierarchy.
LinuxMac OS XUnix-likeGNU

Question 9: ISO 9660 and Universal Disk Format are the two most common formats that target ________ and DVDs.
Universal Media DiscDigital Audio TapeCompact DiscMiniDisc

Question 10: Unlike many other operating systems, Windows uses a ________ abstraction at the user level to distinguish one disk or partition from another.
DOSDrive letter assignmentMS-DOSOS/2

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