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Question 1: Classic ________ used type codes and creator codes to associate each file with its corresponding application, regardless of file extension.
MacintoshMac OSMac OS XFinder (software)

Question 2: Linux-based GUIs, such as KDE and ________, support MIME type-based associations.
XfceEnlightenment (window manager)LXDEGNOME

Question 3: More commonly, a file association associates a class of files (as determined by their ________, such as .txt) with a corresponding application (such as a text editor).
File Allocation TableNTFSFilename extensionFile format

Question 4: The more recent ________ also supports file extension–based associations.
Mac OS XSafari (web browser)QuickTimeMac OS X Server

Question 5: The ________ series of operating systems, beginning with Windows 95 supports file extension-based associations.
Microsoft WindowsInternet Information ServicesInternet ExplorerDirectX

Question 6: Most ________ support file associations in some form or the other.
Operating systemLinuxUnixMac OS X

Question 7: Advanced file association functionality however was removed in ________ and later operating systems.
Windows XPMicrosoft WindowsWindows VistaWinFS


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