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Question 1: Grumman's ________ was adopted by the U.S. Navy as their primary jet fighter in the Korean War period, and it was one of the first jet fighters to employ an afterburner.
F-11 TigerF9F PantherF4F WildcatF-9 Cougar

Question 2: The development of second-generation fighters was shaped by technological breakthroughs, lessons learned from the aerial battles of the ________, and a focus on conducting operations in a nuclear warfare environment.
Korean WarVietnam WarCold WarSino-Soviet border conflict

Question 3: To spread the development costs – and production base – more broadly, the ________ (JSF) program enrolls eight other countries as cost- and risk-sharing partners.
Lockheed Martin X-35F-16 Fighting FalconF-35 Lightning IIF-22 Raptor

Question 4: More powerful ________ became a priority early in the war, once it became apparent that newer stressed-skin monoplane fighters could not be easily shot down with rifle-caliber machine guns.
ArtilleryIndustrial warfareMilitary historyWeapon

Question 5: ________- and IR-guided air-to-surface missiles were introduced to augment traditional gravity bombs, and some were also equipped to deliver a nuclear bomb.
Closed captioningVideoTelevisionMechanical television

Question 6: [6] With range and payload capabilities that rivaled that of World War II bombers such as ________, the Phantom would became a highly successful multirole aircraft.
B-25 MitchellB-29 SuperfortressT-6 TexanB-24 Liberator

Question 7: With ________ wings, the supersonic F-111 introduced the Pratt & Whitney TF30, the first turbofan equipped with afterburner.
Variable-sweep wingAircraftFixed-wing aircraftAutogyro

Question 8: In-line engines often had a better ________, but there were radial engines that kept working even after having suffered significant battle damage.
Fuel cellPower-to-weight ratioDiesel engineAutomobile

Question 9: The word "fighter" did not become the official English term for such aircraft until after ________.
Armenian GenocideCaucasus CampaignWestern Front (World War I)World War I

Question 10: China is reported to be pursuing multiple fifth-generation projects under the western code name; ________, while Japan is exploring their technical feasibility to produce fifth-generation fighters.
Shenyang J-11Chengdu J-10J-XXShenyang J-5

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