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Question 1: The common fig ________ is pollinated by Blastophaga psenes.
WheatBarleyCommon figUnited States

Question 2: This is the reverse of ________ and the bagworm, where the male is a normal insect and the female never leaves the host.

Question 3: The wasps that inhabit a particular tree can be loosely divided into two groups; ________ and non-pollinating.
FlowerPlantFlowering plantPollination

Question 4: The pollinating variety forms a mutually beneficial symbiosis with the tree, whereas the non-pollinating variety is ________.
CatToxoplasmosisParasitismDirofilaria immitis

Question 5: Most fig inflorescences contain three kinds of ________: male, short female, and long female.
FruitSeedFlowering plantFlower

Question 6: Fig wasps are wasps of the family Agaonidae which pollinate figs or are otherwise associated with figs, a ________ relationship that has been developing for at least 80 million years.
ParasitismCoevolutionFlowerCharles Darwin


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