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Question 1: However, the Fifth Doctor's boyish appearance, nervous energy and charm all hid the fact that he was a ________ of great age, compassion and experience.
Doctor Who story chronologyDoctor (Doctor Who)Companion (Doctor Who)Time Lord

Question 2: In 2007, Davison, at the age of 56, appeared alongside Tenth Doctor David Tennant in a Doctor Who special for ________, written by Steven Moffat and titled "Time Crash".
Comic ReliefChildren in Need 2007Children in NeedChildren in Need 2009

Question 3: He was also willing to make enormous sacrifices (________) simply to keep his word and liberate others from suffering.
Companion (Doctor Who)Mawdryn UndeadDoctor Who DVD releasesThe Five Doctors

Question 4: Davison returned to the role briefly in the 1993 charity special ________.
Doctor WhoDimensions in TimeCompanion (Doctor Who)Doctor (Doctor Who)

Question 5: Ultimately, the Fifth Doctor and his last companion ________ were exposed to the drug spectrox in its deadly toxic raw form on Androzani Minor.
Peri BrownCompanion (Doctor Who)Ace (Doctor Who)Melanie Bush

Question 6: The Fifth Doctor was the last to use the original ________, which was destroyed during The Visitation, although the Seventh and subsequent Doctors were later seen using new versions of the tool.
Doctor Who story chronologyCompanion (Doctor Who)Sonic screwdriverTARDIS

Question 7: It was also notable for the reintroduction of many of the Time Lord's enemies; such as the Master, Cybermen, Omega (a founding-father of ________), the Black and White Guardians, the Sea Devils, and the Silurians.
TARDISDoctor (Doctor Who)Doctor Who story chronologyGallifrey

Question 8: The Doctor met three of his previous incarnations when they were summoned to the Death Zone on Gallifrey by President Borusa, who was attempting to gain ________'s secret of immortality.
RassilonTime LordCompanion (Doctor Who)TARDIS

Question 9: The Fifth Doctor's costume also retained red question marks embroidered onto the collar which producer John Nather-Turner added to the ________'s costume in 1980.
Fourth DoctorSarah Jane SmithCompanion (Doctor Who)Doctor (Doctor Who)

Question 10: The Fifth Doctor was first seen on television in the last episode of ________, broadcast on 21 March 1981.
CastrovalvaThe Five DoctorsLogopolisCompanion (Doctor Who)


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