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Question 1: Andrew's well-mounted army defeated sultan Al-Adil I at Bethsaida on the ________ on November 10.
JesusJordan RiverIsraelJericho

Question 2: ________ had already planned since 1208 a crusade in order to destroy the Ayyubid Empire and to recapture Jerasulem.
Catholic ChurchPope Innocent IIIPope Alexander VIPope Benedict XVI

Question 3: Oliver of Cologne had preached the crusade in ________, and Emperor Frederick II attempted to join in 1215.

Question 4: With Leopold and John they discussed attacking ________ in Egypt.
CairoDamiettaEl Mansoura, EgyptAlexandria

Question 5: He was succeeded by Pope Honorius III, who barred Frederick from participating, but organized crusading armies led by king ________ and duke Leopold VI of Austria.
Béla IV of HungaryEmeric of HungaryÁrpád dynastyAndrew II of Hungary

Question 6: Pope Innocent wanted it to be led by the papacy, as the ________ should have have been, in order to avoid the mistakes of the Fourth Crusade, which had been taken over by the Venetians.
Norwegian CrusadeCrusadesFirst CrusadeSecond Crusade

Question 7: Frederick was the last monarch Innocent wanted to join, as he had challenged the ________ (and would do so in the years to come).
PopeCatholic ChurchPope Benedict XVIPope John Paul II

Question 8: Muslims fled the city, afraid that there would be a repeat of the bloodbath of the ________ in 1099.
CrusadesSecond CrusadeNorwegian CrusadeFirst Crusade

Question 9: In 1215 Pope Innocent III summoned the Fourth Lateran Council, where, along with the ________, Raoul of Merencourt, he discussed the recovery of the Holy Land, among other church business.
Greek Orthodox Church of JerusalemLatin Patriarch of JerusalemCrusadesGreek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem

Question 10: After occupying the port of Damietta, the Crusaders marched south towards ________ in July of 1221, but were turned back after their dwindling supplies led to a forced retreat.


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