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Fifth Council of the Lateran: Quiz


Question 1: A war of polemics was waged about the councils, pitting Cajetan, the Dominican Master General, on the papal side against the conciliarist arguments of Jacques Almain, the spokesman of the ________.
Medieval universityUniversity of ParisUniversity of Paris 1 Pantheon-SorbonneUniversity of Heidelberg

Question 2: Whether or not the ________ could have been avoided if the reforms had been implemented is a matter of debate.
Counter-ReformationProtestant ReformationEast–West SchismCrusades

Question 3: ________'s promulgation of the 95 theses occurred just seven months after the close of the Council.
Protestant ReformationPhilipp MelanchthonMartin LutherLutheranism

Question 4: In the last session of the Pope Julius II was suspended, and the council participants withdrew to ________.

Question 5: After Julius' death, his successor ________ continued the council, and the last session was held on 16 March 1517.
Pope Alexander VIPope Leo XPope Clement VIIPope Adrian VI

Question 6: Apostolici regiminis, on the ________, usually believed to have been directed against Pietro Pomponazzi

Question 7: The French victory of ________ (11 April 1512) hindered the opening of the council called by Julius and it finally met on May 3 at St.

Question 8: This article incorporates text from the entry Fifth Lateran Council (1512-17) in the public-domain ________ of 1913.
United StatesCatholic ChurchPope John Paul IICatholic Encyclopedia


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