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Fielder's choice: Quiz


Question 1: Win–loss record • Pitchers of record • Save • Hold • Earned run • ERA • Complete game • Shutout • ________ • Perfect game • Wild pitch • Passed ball • Strikeout • WHIP
No-hitterHome runGrand slam (baseball)Run (baseball)

Question 2: Run • ________ • Stolen base percentage • Caught stealing
Stolen baseStrikeoutHome runBunt (baseball)

Question 3: Therefore, a player's ________ and on-base percentage decreases as a result of reaching first base via fielder's choice.
Run (baseball)Grand slam (baseball)Batting averageHome run

Question 4: When a runner already on base safely reaches another base due to a fielder's attempt to put out another runner, unless his advance can be categorized as a ________.
StrikeoutBunt (baseball)Run (baseball)Stolen base

Question 5: If the runner attempting to score is put out, he is said to be out at ________ on the throw.
Bunt (baseball)Stolen baseBaseball fieldTriple play

Question 6: ________ • On-base percentage • Slugging percentage • On-base plus slugging • Hits • Singles • Doubles • Triples • Home runs • Grand slam • RBI • Game-winning RBI • Bunt • Sacrifice bunt • Sacrifice fly
Batting averagePerfect gameNo-hitterRun (baseball)

Question 7: The outfielder, playing shallow in anticipation of such a hit, throws to ________ in an attempt to put out the runner trying to score.
Bunt (baseball)Stolen baseBaseball fieldTriple play

Question 8: A baserunner who makes an undefended steal is not credited with a ________, but his advance is accounted for as defensive indifference.
Stolen baseRun (baseball)Bunt (baseball)Strikeout


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