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Field & Stream: Quiz


Question 1: Depending on the season and the availability of information, the magazine may offer advice on deer, bass, ________, trout, shotguns and rifles.
Modern birdsArchaeopteryxBirdEnantiornithes

Question 2: Field & Stream (F&S for short) is a magazine featuring hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities in the ________.
CanadaUnited StatesPhilippinesAlaska

Question 3: Recent issues of this and other magazines have criticized "anti-hunting" groups, such as ________.
Animal rightsIngrid NewkirkPeople for the Ethical Treatment of AnimalsHumane Society of the United States

Question 4: Holt eventually ended up being owned by ________, who sold their magazines in a leveraged buyout led by division head Peter Diamandis.
The CW Television NetworkAmerican Broadcasting CompanyCBSNBC

Question 5: Field & Stream once worked with Sierra On-Line and ________ to create hunting and fishing video games, the Trophy Bass and the Trophy Hunting series.
DynamixAdventure gameJeff TunnellTektronix


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