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Fidelity: Quiz


Question 1: The computer age has spawned the term ________ in reference to certain groups of wireless electronic devices.
Wi-FiBluetoothWiMAXSatellite Internet access

Question 2: Similarly in ________, fidelity refers to the correspondence of the output signal to the input signal, rather than sound.
ElectronicsElectrical engineeringElectronic engineeringEngineering

Question 3: In western culture this often means adherence to marriage vows, or of promises of exclusivity or monogamy, and an absence of ________.
AdulteryDivorceZoosexuality and the lawMiscegenation

Question 4: (For example, see polyamory and ________.) Often, however, females in Shakespeare are associated with it in a negative sense, such as "She is with little fidelity".
PolygamyCompersionOpen marriagePolyandry

Question 5: Its original meaning regarded duty to a ________ or a king, in a broader sense than the related concept of fealty.
LadyMister (Mr.)LordPeerage

Question 6: In the 1950s, the terms "________" or "hi-fi" were popularized for equipment and recordings designed for more accurate sound reproduction, while "lo-fi" music aims for "authenticity" over perfect production.
DVD-AudioHigh fidelitySuper Audio CDHDMI

Question 7: While the term Wi-Fi has been popularly taken to be an abbreviation of 'wireless fidelity', ________ is in fact a commercial brand owned by the Wi-Fi Alliance, and has nothing to do with fidelity as a concept.
BluetoothWiMAXSatellite Internet accessWi-Fi

Question 8: Both derive from the ________ word fid─ôlis (A III adjective), meaning "faithful or loyal"
Roman EmpireVulgar LatinLatinOld Latin

Question 9: In the field of ________, the term fidelity denotes how closely a set of procedures were implemented as they were supposed to have been.
Program evaluationQuantitative researchSociologyImpact assessment

Question 10: In the fields of ________ and simulation, fidelity refers to the degree to which a model or simulation reproduces the state and behaviour of a real world object, feature or condition.
Visualization (computer graphics)DiagramComputer graphicsScientific modelling

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