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Question 1:
When did Fidel Castro's term start?

Question 2:
Where was Fidel Castro born?

Question 3:
What did Fidel Castro do for a living?

Question 4: After a spell in ________, Díaz-Balart reportedly returned to Havana to live with Fidelito and his family.

Question 5:
What was Bay of Pigs Invasion a part of?
the Chinese Civil War
the First English Civil War
the Ten days campaign
the Cold War

Question 6:

Question 7: [4] His political career continued with nationalist critiques of ________, and of the United States' political and corporate influence in Cuba.
Fidel CastroCarlos Prío SocarrásAnselmo Alliegro y MiláFulgencio Batista

Question 8: Some such attempts allegedly included an ________, a fungal-infected scuba-diving suit, and a mafia-style shooting.
United StatesExploding cigarCuban ProjectWarner Bros.

Question 9:
What religion does Fidel Castro adhere to?
Roman Catholic until 1540s, then Lutheran, few Jews
Self-defined as secular, formerly Roman Catholic
Roman Catholic, raised Episcopalian
New Zealand secular

Question 10:

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