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Fictional military aircraft: Quiz


Question 1: It is a hydrogen vehicle that was developed from the ________.
NHIndustries NH90Eurocopter TigerEurocopter AS332Eurocopter EC 145

Question 2: This makes the Super Apache similar to the real ________ Havoc, which has a small cargo compartment, intended to be used for rescue.
Mil Mi-17Mil Mi-8Mil Mi-28Mil Mi-24

Question 3: The first ________ was stolen by Mitchell Gant operating on behalf of the Western intelligence community.
PrototypeBreadboardPlanck constantKilogram

Question 4: At least one of the type was shown being used by a South American drug cartel and piloted by highly skilled mercenaries, along with a pair of ________ fighters.
Saab 35 DrakenSaab 37 ViggenSaab 29 TunnanSaab 32 Lansen

Question 5: The XF-18 Scavenger is a highly capable all-weather recon plane described in ________'s novel The Andromeda Strain.
Michael CrichtonThe Lost World (Crichton novel)Jurassic ParkER (TV series)

Question 6: The XF-15F Cheetah is a fictional aircraft from the ________ novel Day of the Cheetah.
RussiaUnited StatesDale BrownPatrick McLanahan

Question 7: In The Age of the Flying Boat, the book on which the movie is based, the modified version takes a ________ engine.
Rolls-Royce RRolls-Royce KestrelRolls-Royce MerlinRolls-Royce Goshawk

Question 8: In 1962, the ________ under Secretary Robert McNamara standardized the designation of arms across all US armed services.
Unified Combatant CommandUnited States Department of DefenseJoint Chiefs of StaffUnited States Secretary of Defense

Question 9: Like the Razorback, it has missiles, bombs, and a gun, but was developed from the ________.
Sukhoi Su-47Sukhoi Su-30Sukhoi Su-30MKISukhoi Su-27

Question 10: It is hijacked by SPECTRE in order to steal two tactical nuclear weapons and hold ________ governments to ransom.
NATONon-Aligned MovementAfghanistanCentral Intelligence Agency


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