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Fictional crossover: Quiz


Question 1: Whilst the Super Nintendo version used the style of the comic, the ________ version utilized a darker style, closer to that of the respective movies.
Sega SaturnSega Genesis CollectionMega DriveSega Master System

Question 2: It has more recently been used to demonstrate that cast members of The Young And The Restless appeared in a dream of a character on________.
Aspect ratio (image)The King of QueensSpainUnited States

Question 3: There is also Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, which features many famous characters from both sides like Liu Kang and Sub-Zero for the Mortal Kombat side, and characters like ________ and Superman for the DC side.
BatmanSuperman & Batman: GenerationsCopperhead (DC Comics)Superman/Batman

Question 4: In the RPG field, Kingdom Hearts mixes Disney and ________ characters together.
Final Fantasy VIFinal Fantasy (video game)Final Fantasy VIIFinal Fantasy

Question 5: Another cartoon crossover would occur in 1990, ________.
Beetlejuice (TV series)Cartoon All-Stars to the RescuePinky and the BrainLooney Tunes

Question 6: A more unusual case is that of Mad About You and ________, which are conjoined by the character of Ursula Buffay.
30 RockFriends (season 1)FriendsThe Last One (Friends)

Question 7: Rarely, these heroes will crossover with each other, like in Ultraman vs. Kamen Rider and a recent team-up between ________ and Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.
Kamen Rider KivaKamen Rider DoubleKamen Rider Den-OKamen Rider Decade

Question 8: A good example of this is the sketch, "BallyKissDibley", an 11-minute piece in which the leads of Ballykissangel appeared on the sets of ________, alongside most of Dibley's cast.
Comic ReliefThe Vicar of DibleyCasualty (TV series)Richard Curtis

Question 9: Still others intentionally make the relations between two or more fictional universes confusing, as with ________ and Futurama, where each show is fiction in the other.
The Simpsons MovieBart SimpsonThe Simpsons (franchise)The Simpsons

Question 10: Like Secret Wars, the Unity crossover had lasting effects on the Valiant universe most notably the introduction of Turok, the birth of ________ and the death of a major Valiant hero.
Geoff McHenry (Valiant Comics)Valiant ComicsSolar (comics)Magnus, Robot Fighter

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