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Question 1: Such countries supposedly form part of the normal ________ landscape although not located in a normal atlas.

Question 2: ________ and secret agent comics and some thrillers also use fictional countries on Earth as backdrops.
Jack KirbyBatmanSuperheroStan Lee

Question 3: Edgar Rice Burroughs placed adventures of Tarzan in areas in ________ that, at the time, remained mostly unknown to the West and to the East.
Sub-Saharan AfricaScramble for AfricaAfrican UnionAfrica

Question 4: ________'s protagonist, Lemuel Gulliver, visited various strange places.
Drapier's LettersJohn ArbuthnotPoetryJonathan Swift

Question 5: Writers may create an ________ fictional "Eastern European", "Middle Eastern", "Asian", "African" or "Latin American" country for the purposes of their story often called a "Foreign Power".
LiteratureSuperheroArchetypeThe Tempest

Question 6: ________
New JerseyMichiganList of fictional U.S. statesArkansas

Question 7: By the 19th century, When Western explorers had surveyed most of the Earth's surface, this option was lost to ________.
Western worldEuropeWestern cultureModern history

Question 8: A fictional Middle Eastern state often lies somewhere on the Arabian peninsula, has substantial oil-wealth and problems with radical Islam and will have either a sultan or a mentally-unstable ________ as a ruler.
DictatorshipDictatorMilitary dictatorshipItaly

Question 9: Such countries often embody ________ about their regions.
StereotypeEthnic cleansingRacismAntisemitism

Question 10: Fictional countries appear commonly in stories of early ________ (or scientific romance).
Science fiction fandomScience fictionCyberpunkAlternate history

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