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Question 1: The history of fiction coincides with much of the history of literature, with each ________ of fiction having its own origins and development.
SatireGenreScience fictionPoetry

Question 2: By form: ________, comics, fables, fairy tales, film, folklore, novels, plays, poetry, serials, short stories, situation comedies, and video games.
HagiographyLegendStorytellingBrothers Grimm

Question 3: In fiction, style refers to language conventions and ________ used to construct a story.
LiteraturePoetryLiterary techniqueNovel

Question 4: ________: a work of at least 17,500 words but under 50,000 words (60–170 pages)
PoetryNovellaSatireShort story

Question 5: Adult, including, but not limited to ________ and erotica
PhotographyNude photographyHolographyPornography

Question 6: Fiction (________: fictum, "created") is a branch of literature which deals, in part or in whole, with temporally contrafactual events (events that are not true at the time of writing).
Vulgar LatinLatinOld LatinRoman Empire

Question 7: A character is any ________, persona, identity, or entity that exists in a work of art.
Human rightsCivil and political rightsPersonProperty

Question 8: ________: a work of 50,000 words or more (more than 170 pages), also see Length of a novel

Question 9: In contrast to this is non-fiction, which deals exclusively in factual events (e.g.: ________, histories).
Alexander the GreatHistoriographyClassical antiquityBiography

Question 10: ________: a work of at least 2,000 words but under 7,500 words (5–25 pages)
Short storyNovellaNovelPoetry

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