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Question 1: Cornelia Whitner of Central, South Carolina pled guilty in 1992 to a charge of criminal child neglect after she was discovered to have used ________ while pregnant.

Question 2: [1] This law was passed in 2004 after the murder of ________ and the fetus she was carrying.
Scott PetersonCaliforniaMurder of Laci PetersonUnited States

Question 3: Johnson appealed and ________ overturned its decision to convict her in 1992.
Florida Supreme CourtMinnesota Supreme CourtSupreme Court of the United StatesOklahoma Supreme Court

Question 4: In 1983, the ________, also known as the "Pro-Life Amendment," was added to the Constitution of The Republic of Ireland by popular referendum.
Ninth Amendment of the Constitution of IrelandAmendments to the Constitution of IrelandEighth Amendment of the Constitution of IrelandTwenty-fifth Amendment of the Constitution Bill, 2002 (Ireland)

Question 5: She was sentenced to one-year in a drug treatment program, 14 years probation, and 200 hours of ________.
ScoutingCommunity serviceUnited StatesAlpha Phi Omega

Question 6: The use of tobacco products or exposure to ________ during pregnancy has been linked to low birth weight.
Smoking banPassive smokingCancerLung cancer

Question 7: Such laws regard the fetus as a ________ whose legal status is on par with that of any other member of the species homo sapiens:
Human rightsCivil and political rightsPropertyPerson

Question 8: Brenda Drummond, 29, of ________ tried to abort at 9 months on 28 May 1996 by introducing a pellet gun in her vagina and shooting her fetus in the head.
Mississippi Mills, OntarioBeckwith, OntarioCarleton Place, OntarioOttawa

Question 9: The woman, who could not assist police in identifying her assailant, was raped while living in a group home in ________.
MiamiOrlando, FloridaGreater OrlandoTampa, Florida

Question 10: This right shall be protected by law and, in general, from the moment of conception." The Convention is considered binding only for the 24 of 35 member nations of the ________ who ratified it.
Association of Caribbean StatesOrganization of American StatesLatin American integrationCaribbean Community

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