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Question 1:
Who played Estate Agent the telemovie Festival?
Selina Cadell
Ebba Hultkvist
Billie Whitelaw
Tara Brooke-Watkins

Question 2:
What role did Lyndsey Marshal play in the telemovie Festival?
Marguerite Gautier
Faith Myers
Debra Downsinger

Question 3: In the ________ liturgical calendar there are two principal feasts, properly known as the Feast of the Nativity of our Lord (Christmas) and the Feast of the Resurrection, (Easter).
JesusChristianCatholic ChurchChristianity

Question 4:
Who played Bill the telemovie Festival?
Cary Ylitalo
Massimo Boldi
Jeremy Wilkin
Brett Leigh

Question 5:
Who played de Varville the telemovie Festival?
Jeremy Wilkin
Massimo Boldi
Kevin Masson
Dennis Price

Question 6:
Who played Julien the telemovie Festival?
José Antonio Rosa
Chris O'Dowd
Jeremy Wilkin
Albert Dekker

Question 7:
What role did William Job play in the telemovie Festival?
de Varville

Question 8:
What role did Albert Dekker play in the telemovie Festival?
The P

Question 9:
Who played Joan Gerard the telemovie Festival?
Amelia Bullmore
Mary Savidge
Daniela Nardini
Judith Dornys

Question 10:
What role did Paul Hubschmid play in the telemovie Festival?
de Varville
Jack Lambert, Filmstar
Franco Melis
Calle's father

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