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Question 1: He rejected the doctrine that the characteristics of a species were static, and was aware from animal husbandry that ________ could lead to changes, often deleterious.
ConsanguinityHybrid (biology)InbreedingCousin marriage

Question 2: Darwin set out a detailed study of common descent with modifications by expanding on the theme of coevolution between local populations of insects and flowering plants that he had briefly discussed in ________.
History of evolutionary thoughtNatural selectionOn the Origin of SpeciesCharles Darwin

Question 3: After ________ was published, Darwin became involved in producing revised editions as well as working on Variation of Animals and Plants Under Domestication as the first part of his planned "Big Book".
EvolutionCharles DarwinOn the Origin of SpeciesHistory of evolutionary thought

Question 4: Delpino classified flowers on the basis of the pollinators they attracted, and coined many of the terms still in use such as pollination syndrome and ________.

Question 5: [32] Field naturalists, botanists, and country ________ sent specimens from across the British Isles.
NobilityUpper classGentrySerfdom

Question 6: While the bee orchid showed ________ for self-fertilisation, its mechanism also enabled occasional cross-fertilisation, creating the biological diversity that Darwin felt was needed for vigorous survival, which could not be provided by self-fertilisation.
EvolutionAdaptationNatural selectionModern evolutionary synthesis

Question 7: In the summer of 1841 Charles and Emma Darwin moved from the turmoil of London to the countryside, to ________, a quiet former parsonage in the village of Downe.
Natural History MuseumImperial War MuseumBritish MuseumDown House

Question 8: The book was his first detailed demonstration of the power of natural selection, and explained how complex ecological relationships resulted in the ________ of orchids and insects.
CoevolutionCharles DarwinParasitismFlower

Question 9: Within months, experts informed him that specimens he had collected were separate species, not just varieties, and the patterns he saw inspired the inception of his theory of ________ in 1838.
EvolutionCharles DarwinNatural selectionPopulation genetics

Question 10: [25] Darwin corresponded with Hooker's assistant Daniel Oliver, the senior curator at ________, who became a follower of Darwin's ideas.
Richmond GreenBushy ParkWWT London Wetland CentreRoyal Botanic Gardens, Kew


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