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Ferromagnetism: Quiz


Question 1: The Curie temperature itself is a critical point, where the ________ is theoretically infinite and, although there is no net magnetization, domain-like spin correlations fluctuate at all length scales.
Magnetic momentXenonMagnetic susceptibilityCarbon

Question 2: All of these alignment effects only occur at ________ below a certain critical temperature, called the Curie temperature (for ferromagnets and ferrimagnets) or the Néel temperature (for antiferromagnets).
LightningTemperatureThermodynamic temperatureWater vapor

Question 3: Among the first investigations of ferromagnetism are the pioneering works of Aleksandr Stoletov on measurement of the ________ of ferromagnetics, known as the Stoletov curve.
ElectromagnetismMagnetic momentPermeability (electromagnetism)Magnetic field

Question 4: [5] The team cooled ________ lithium-6 to less than 150 billionths of one Kelvin above absolute zero using infrared laser cooling.
BosonQuarkFermionElementary particle

Question 5: The spin of an electron, combined with its electric charge, results in a magnetic ________ moment and creates a magnetic field.
DipoleMagnetic momentElectric dipole momentForce

Question 6: As the temperature increases, thermal motion, or ________, competes with the ferromagnetic tendency for dipoles to align.
Statistical mechanicsEntropyGibbs free energyThermodynamics

Question 7: Conversely there are nonmagnetic alloys, such as types of ________, composed almost exclusively of ferromagnetic metals.
Stainless steelCopperSilverGold

Question 8: At long distances (after many thousands of ________), the exchange energy advantage is overtaken by the classical tendency of dipoles to anti-align.
IonElectrolyteLithium-ion batteryHalf cell

Question 9: The property of ferromagnetism is due to the direct influence of two effects from quantum mechanics: spin and the ________.
Pauli exclusion principleSchrödinger equationWave–particle dualityIntroduction to quantum mechanics

Question 10: However in many materials (specifically, those with a filled ________), the total dipole moment of all the electrons is zero because the spins are in up/down pairs.
Electron shellNoble gasFranciumPeriodic table


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