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Fern ally: Quiz


Question 1: In fact, the whisk ferns and Ophioglossoids are demonstrably a ________, and the horsetails and Marattiaceae are arguably another clade.
CladeGhost lineagePhylogeneticsComputational phylogenetics

Question 2: Several groups of plants were considered "fern allies": the clubmosses, spikemosses, and quillworts in the Lycopodiophyta, the whisk ferns in Psilotaceae, and the horsetails in the ________.
EquisetumFlowering plantEquisetopsidaCalamites

Question 3: Like ferns, these plants disperse by shedding spores to initiate an ________.
GametophyteAlternation of generationsAlgaeBryophyte

Question 4: Class Sphenopsida or Equisetopsida, (fern-allies) the ________ and scouring-rushes
PlantLycopodiophytaFlowering plantEquisetum

Question 5:
  • Class ________, the horsetails and scouring-rushes
    Flowering plantPlantEquisetopsidaFern

Question 6: Fern ally is a general term covering a somewhat diverse group of vascular plants that are not flowering plants and not true ________.


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