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Fermi level: Quiz


Question 1: ζ is called here the "conduction-band referenced Fermi level", although in the literature of ________ physics it is just called "Fermi level".
NonmetalNoble gasMetalHalogen

Question 2: ________ and Electrochemical potential: In some parts of the literature the term "chemical potential" is used instead of "electrochemical potential".
Chemical potentialTemperatureEntropyEnergy

Question 3: The quantity "electrochemical potential" is a form of ________.
Gibbs free energyThermodynamic potentialInternal energyHelmholtz free energy

Question 4: It is the ________ μ that appears in the electrons' Fermi-Dirac distribution function,[1]
EntropyTemperatureChemical potentialEnergy

Question 5: For example, consider an ________ made of two identical parallel-plates.
CapacitorInductorElectronic componentCapacitance

Question 6: μ is the parameter called the ________ (which, in general, is a function of T);
EnergyChemical potentialTemperatureEntropy

Question 7: When the device has been altered, but has not had enough time to re-equilibrate (this allows for ________, for example).

Question 8: When the temperature is not constant within the device (this allows for ________, for example),

Question 9: Neither the electrostatic potential energy nor the ________ on their own need to be constant in the device, but the Fermi level (their sum) does.
EntropyChemical potentialThermodynamicsTemperature

Question 10: The Fermi level is an energy that pertains to ________ in a semiconductor.


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