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Question 1: During that time some diplomats like ________ gave protective passports to some Jews, which protected them from deportation.
Hungarian JewsJoseph StalinThe HolocaustRaoul Wallenberg

Question 2: The "Leader of the Nation" (Nemzetvezető) fled to ________ on 9 December.
KőszegVas CountySzombathelyKörmend

Question 3: He eventually became an officer and served in the ________ during World War I.
Austro-Hungarian NavyCount Franz Conrad von HötzendorfAustria–HungaryAustro–Hungarian Army

Question 4: The short-lived communist government of ________ launched what was known as the "Red Terror" and ultimately involved Hungary in an ill-fated war with Romania.
Gyula GömbösMihály KárolyiImre NagyBéla Kun

Question 5: By March 1945, Szálasi was in ________ just prior to the Vienna Offensive.

Question 6: Upon the dissolution and break-up of ________ after the war, the Hungarian Democratic Republic and then the Hungarian Soviet Republic were briefly proclaimed in 1918 and 1919 respectively.
Holy Roman EmpireGerman EmpireOttoman EmpireAustria–Hungary

Question 7: After Germany's "Link Up" (________) with Austria in 1938, Szálasi's followers became more radical in their political activities, and Szálasi was arrested and imprisoned by the Hungarian Police.
Nazi GermanyAnschlussWorld War IIAdolf Hitler


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