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Feodosiya: Quiz


Question 1: In the late 13th century, traders from ________ arrived and purchased the town from the ruling Golden Horde.

Question 2: It is believed that the devastating pandemic the ________ entered Europe for the first time via Caffa in 1347, through the movements of the Golden Horde.
Black Death migrationLate Middle AgesPlague (disease)Black Death

Question 3: Apart from tourism, its economy rests on agriculture and fisheries, with local industries including fishing, ________ and canning.
BrewingAlcoholic beverageEthanolBeer

Question 4: However, the plague appears to have spread in a stepwise fashion, taking over a year to reach Europe from ________.
CrimeaSouth OssetiaGagauziaNakhchivan

Question 5: The city was founded under the name of Theodosia (Θεοδοσία) by Greek colonists from ________ in the 6th century BC.

Question 6: It came to house one of Europe's biggest ________ markets.
Universal suffrageAntisemitismSlaveryRacism

Question 7: Ottoman control ceased when the expanding ________ conquered the whole Crimea in 1783.
Ottoman EmpireGolden HordeRussian EmpireBritish Empire

Question 8: The Jewish population numbering 3,248 before the German occupation was murdered by SD-________ D between November 16 and December 15, 1941.
EinsatzgruppenReinhard HeydrichSchutzstaffelKarl Eberhard Schöngarth

Question 9: The city was captured twice by the forces of ________ during World War II, sustaining significant damage in the process.
Axis powersAdolf HitlerNazismNazi Germany

Question 10: Because the Genoese started intervening in the internal affairs of the ________, a Turkish vassal, the Ottoman commander Gedik Ahmet Pasha seized the city in 1475.
Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist RepublicKhazarsCrimean KhanateGolden Horde

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