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Question 1: [3] The original designation for the discipline is Kan Yu (simplified Chinese: 堪舆traditional Chinese: 堪輿________: kānyú; literally: Tao of heaven and earth).
ISO/IEC 8859-8PinyinISO/IEC 646ISO/IEC 8859-3

Question 2:
Who played Lily Mendoza the movie Feng shui?
Cherry Pie Picache
Ilonah Jean
Kris Aquino
Lotlot De Leon

Question 3: After the death of Mao Zedong and the end of the Cultural Revolution, the official attitude became more tolerant but restrictions on feng shui practice are still in place in today's ________.
Time in ChinaChinaReligion in ChinaProvince (China)

Question 4:
Who played Joy Ramirez the movie Feng shui?
Ilonah Jean
Kris Aquino
Lotlot De Leon
Kris Aquino

Question 5: Until the invention of the ________, feng shui apparently relied on astronomy to find correlations between humans and the universe.
Inertial navigation systemRudderCompassGlobal Positioning System

Question 6:
Who played Ingrid Ramirez the movie Feng shui?
Julianne Gomez
Julianne Gomez
Kris Aquino
Lotlot De Leon

Question 7:
What role did Ilonah Jean play in the movie Feng shui?
Joy Ramirez
Ingrid Ramirez

Question 8: Matteo Ricci (1552–1610), one of the founding fathers of ________, may have been the first European to write about feng shui practices.
Chinese Rites controversyJesuit China missionsChristianity in ChinaFrancis Xavier

Question 9: Penn & Teller did an episode of their television show ________ that featured several feng shui practitioners in the US, and was highly critical of the inconsistent (and frequently odd) advice.
Teller (magician)Penn JillettePenn & Teller: Bullshit!Penn & Teller

Question 10: Polarity expressed through yin and yang is similar to a ________.
Magnetic fieldElectric dipole momentMagnetic momentDipole

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