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Fender Telecaster: Quiz


Question 1: These design elements allowed musicians to emulate steel guitar sounds, making it particularly useful in ________.
American folk musicCountry musicBluesJazz

Question 2:
Which of the following titles did Fender Telecaster have?
A Word to the Wives...
Fender Telecaster
Member of Parliament for Edinburgh West
The Day After Trinity

Question 3:
What company manufactures Fender Telecaster?

Question 4:
What are the colours of the Fender Telecaster?
Originally blonde ; other colors are available
Black, 3 Colored Sunburst
3-Color Sunburst, Black, Arctic WhitennOther colors may be available

Question 5: While its body shape and scale length are those of the Telecaster, many of its construction and electronic features, for example its set-in neck are more similar to those of a ________ electric guitar.
Gibson Les PaulGibson Guitar CorporationFender TelecasterP-90

Question 6: The Fender Telecaster, colloquially known as the Tele (pronounced /ˈtɛli/), is typically a dual-pickup, solid-body ________ made by Fender.
Lead guitarElectric guitarElectric Guitar DesignBass guitar

Question 7: is a variant of the Fender Telecaster electric guitar, produced in a limited run of 100 units by the ________ in the early 1990s.
Albert CollinsFender Custom ShopFender StratocasterFender Musical Instruments Corporation

Question 8: In January 2007, Fender issued the ________ signature Telecaster in honour of Smith's reputation as a modern master of the Telecaster.
Bob DylanWillie NelsonKeith RichardsG. E. Smith

Question 9: Guitars were not constructed individually, as in traditional ________.
LuthierArchtop guitarElectric guitarSeven-string guitar

Question 10: ________ used a psychedelic-coloured 1958 Telecaster, (painted by Page himself, and also known as the "Dragon Telecaster") on the first Led Zeppelin albums, and also for the lead solo in the 1971 song "Stairway to Heaven".
Jimmy PageWhite SummerPeter Grant (music manager)Dazed and Confused (song)


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