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Question 1: In vertebrates with four legs such as ________ and horses, the femur is found only in the rear legs.
Dog breedDog healthDogCoat (dog)

Question 2:
How do you write Femur in latin?
stria olfactoria medialis
Dioecesis Rurkelau00EBnsis
os femoris
vena thoracica interna

Question 3: Some species of whales,[3] ________, and other non-walking vertebrates have vestigial femurs.

Question 4: [1] It forms part of the ________ (at the acetabulum) and part of the knee joint, which is located above.
Human legLower limbAnkleHip

Question 5: In ________, the femur is the longest and largest bone.
RectumHuman anatomyOrgan (anatomy)Penis

Question 6: The greater trochanter was present in the extinct ________, as well as in modern birds and mammals, being associated with the loss of the primitive sprawling gait.

Question 7: The femur, or thigh bone, is the most proximal (closest to the body) bone of the leg in vertebrates capable of walking or jumping, such as most land mammals, birds, many reptiles such as lizards, and ________ such as frogs.

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