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Question 1: The phenomenon has been explored by French Novelist ________ in his novel Platform and in the non-fiction book Romance on the Road.
Michel HouellebecqGeorges PerecFrench literatureJoris-Karl Huysmans

Question 2: The changing theme of ________ in the wake of the feminist heyday in America and elsewhere cannot be ignored.
GlobalizationPopular culture studiesWestern culturePopular culture

Question 3: Lesbian sex tourism is nascent but evident in Lesbos (Mytilini) in Greece, ________ and Pattaya in Thailand.
TehranKuala LumpurBangkokJakarta

Question 4: Female sex travel declined from the time of ________ until the 1960s.
United StatesGreat DepressionFederal Reserve SystemRepublican Party (United States)

Question 5: The practice differs from male ________ in that women do not typically use the structures of the sex industry (e.g.
World Tourism rankingsProstitutionSex tourismFemale sex tourism

Question 6: Women usually give clothes, meals, cash and gifts to their ________.
Gay bathhouseMale prostitutionSex tourismProstitution

Question 7: [2] Lesser destinations include Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Fiji, Ecuador and ________.
Dominican RepublicNicaraguaCosta RicaMexico

Question 8: From the 1970s onward, the emergence of stronger, independent character roles for women in film, music and television doubtlessly influenced the expectations of ordinary women viewers everywhere in the ________.
Western worldEuropeTurkeyWestern culture

Question 9: Thailand, the Dominican Republic and ________ are exceptional in that both male and female sex tourists use these countries.

Question 10: Movies include Heading South (Vers le Sud), with ________, which depicts three Western tourists in Haiti in the 1970s, taking their pleasure with local men.
Keira KnightleyEnglandCharlotte RamplingDirk Bogarde

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