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Female ejaculation: Quiz


Question 1: More possible references to female ejaculation also exist later in Indian erotic texts, such as the ________ of Vatsyayana (Bechtel 1996) and the sixteenth century Ananga Ranga.
69 (sex position)Kama SutraOral sexMissionary position

Question 2: Thus we find Almeda Sperry writing to ________ in 1918, about the "rhythmic spurt of your love juices".
Libertarian socialismEmma GoldmanAnarchismAlexander Berkman

Question 3: The Dutch anatomist ________, wrote an influential treatise on the reproductive organs Concerning the Generative Organs of Women which is much cited in the literature on this topic.
PregnancyFemale ejaculationRegnier de GraafProstate

Question 4: Malinowski states that in the language of the ________ people, a single word is used to describe ejaculation in both male and female.
New BritainTrobriand IslandsPapua New GuineaD'Entrecasteaux Islands

Question 5: Even some radical feminist writers, such as ________ (1985) were dismissive, claiming it as a figment of male fantasy;[46]
BDSMLesbianProstitutionSheila Jeffreys

Question 6: Hippocrates stated that "if the ejaculate of the man runs together directly with that from the woman, she will conceive",[10] while ________ differentiated procreative and pleasurable female fluids, attributing the latter to what he described as the prostate.
Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-RaziGalenAvicennaIbn Zuhr

Question 7: [92] In ________, a similar view has been taken with regards to Internet Censorship proposals, which ban pornographic websites featuring female ejaculation.
AustraliaCanadaUnited KingdomBarbados

Question 8: The suggestion that women can eject fluid from their genital area as part of ________ has been described as "one of the most hotly debated questions in modern sexology".
ClitorisPenisOrgasmSexual arousal

Question 9: Many Tantric gurus such as ________, among others, educated followers about the existence and the techniques to achieve female ejaculation as far back as the sixties and seventies.
Thai ChineseTaoismTai chi chuanMantak Chia

Question 10: [52] Catherine Blackledge[27] (p. 205) provides a number of examples from other cultures, including the Ugandan Batoro, ________ Indians, Mangaians, and Ponapese.
MohaveArizonaColorado RiverNavajo Nation

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