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Felt: Quiz


Question 1: Loden is a type of felt originally worn in the Alpine regions, which has gained worldwide acceptance as a textile for fine and durable ________.
ClothingSilkDress codeWool

Question 2: Felt is used everywhere from the ________, to musical instruments all the way to home construction.
Automotive industryFord Motor CompanyTop 20 motor vehicle producing companiesAutomobile industry in China

Question 3: Highly sophisticated felted artifacts were found preserved in permafrost in a tomb in ________ and dated to 600 AD.
North AsiaRussiaSiberiaUral Mountains

Question 4: Felt is placed under the piano keys on ________ to control touch and key noise: it is also used on the pallets to silence notes not sounded by preventing air flow.
AccordionAccordion music genresConcertinaBayan (accordion)

Question 5: Though the ________ is most commonly plucked, the pick, or plectrum, is made of felt.
UkuleleCharangoPlucked string instrumentGuitar

Question 6: German artist ________ used felt in a number of works.
Biodynamic agricultureBruno WalterJoseph BeuysSaul Bellow

Question 7: In the Western world, felt is widely used as a medium for expression in ________ art as well as design, where it has significance as an ecological textile.
WeavingTextileSilkTextile printing

Question 8: It predates weaving and knitting, although there is archaeological evidence from the ________ that the first known thread was made by winding vegetable fibres on the thigh.
British MuseumNational Gallery (London)Imperial War MuseumVictoria and Albert Museum

Question 9: The hairs also have kinks in them, and this combination of scales (like the structure of a ________) is what reacts to the stimulation of friction and causes the phenomenon of felting.
Conifer coneCupressaceaePinaceaePinophyta

Question 10: The story of Saint Clement and ________ relates that while fleeing from persecution, the men packed their sandals with wool to prevent blisters.
VitusSaint GeorgeSaint ChristopherSaint Barbara


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