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Question 1: The term combines the words "________" and "silica." Felsic minerals are usually light in color and have specific gravities less than 3.

Question 2: For phaneritic felsic rocks, the QAPF diagram should be used, and a name given according to the ________ nomenclature.
BasaltDioriteIgneous rockGranite

Question 3: On the opposite side of the rock spectrum are the ________ and magnesium-rich mafic and ultramafic minerals and rocks.

Question 4: Common felsic minerals include quartz, muscovite, orthoclase, and the sodium-rich plagioclase ________.
Igneous rockAnorthiteSilicate mineralsFeldspar

Question 5: Felsic is a term used in geology to refer to silicate minerals, magma, and rocks which are enriched in the lighter elements such as silicon, oxygen, ________, sodium, and potassium.


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