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Question 1: The main collections of Mendelssohn's original musical autographs and letters are to be found in the ________, Oxford University, the New York Public Library, and the Staatsbibliothek in Berlin.
Bodleian LibraryJohn Price (librarian)Edward Nicholson (librarian)Bodley's Librarian

Question 2: The two large biblical ________, St Paul in 1836 and Elijah in 1846, are greatly influenced by Bach.
ChoirMessiah (Handel)OperaOratorio

Question 3:
Where was Felix Mendelssohn born?

Question 4: He also had an important role in the revival of interest in the music of ________.
Johann Sebastian BachFugueJohann PachelbelBaroque music

Question 5: [34] The first winner of the scholarship (in 1856), was ________, then aged 14.
Richard D'Oyly CarteArthur SullivanW. S. GilbertGilbert and Sullivan

Question 6:
Where did Felix Mendelssohn die?

Question 7: 1827 saw the premiere—and sole performance in his lifetime—of Mendelssohn's ________, Die Hochzeit des Camacho.
The opera corpusFachFrench operaOpera

Question 8: He visited the cave, on the Hebridean isle of ________, as part of his Grand Tour of Europe, and was so impressed that he scribbled the opening theme of the overture on the spot, including it in a letter he wrote home the same evening.

Question 9: This piece evokes Scotland's atmosphere in the ethos of ________, but does not employ any identified Scottish folk melodies.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelFriedrich NietzscheArthur SchopenhauerRomanticism

Question 10:
What is Felix Mendelssohn also known as?
Baird, David; Baird, Sir David, Second Baronet
Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
Fletcher, Susannah Yolande
Fibonacci;Pisano, Leonardo; Bonacci, Leonardo; Fibonacci, Leonardo


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