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Felipe González: Quiz


Question 1: He married María del Carmen Julia Romero y López in ________ on 16 July 1969 and had three children:
Casa de PilatosSevilleAndalusiaToledo, Spain

Question 2: One of his hobbies is tending ________ trees.
JapanTaishō periodDeadwood bonsai techniquesBonsai

Question 3: In 1997 he was considered a leading candidate to take over the position of ________ after Jacques Santer.
President of the European CommissionBarroso CommissionEuropean CommissionerEuropean Council

Question 4: ________ of Felipe González at CIDOB (Spanish)
Classical antiquityHistoriographyBiographyAlexander the Great

Question 5: During that time he adopted "Isidoro" as ________ and moved to Madrid.
Joseph StalinPen nameStage namePseudonym

Question 6: González supported Spain remaining in ________ that same year in a referendum reversing his and the party's earlier anti-NATO position.
Non-Aligned MovementNATOCentral Intelligence AgencyAfghanistan

Question 7: The same year his government began a massive ________ both partial or full, of the 200 state owned companies, as well as the hundreds of affiliates dependent on these companies.
CapitalismDeregulationPrivatizationPrivate finance initiative

Question 8: At a summit held in Brussels on 14 December 2007, heads of state and government of European Union member states appointed González chairman of a ________ on the future of Europe.
BakuAzerbaijanPortugalThink tank

Question 9: Having promised in the election to create 800,000 new jobs his government's restructuring of the ________ industry actually resulted in job lay offs.
SteelCarbon steelStainless steelIron

Question 10: His fourth victory was marred by the fact he was forced to form a pact with nationalist political parties from ________ and Basque country in order to form a new government.
SpainCataloniaVallès OccidentalBarcelona

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