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Question 1: For more discussion on feliform evolution and the divergence from the caniforms, together with additional external references on this subject, see the articles on ________, Miacoidea and Carnivoramorpha.

Question 2: However phylogenetic analysis of ________ provides strong evidence that all Malagasy carnivores evolved from a single common ancestor that was a herpestid (Yoder et al.

Question 3: The Feliformia ("cat-like" carnivores, also Feloidea) are a suborder within the order ________ and includes cats (large and small), hyenas, mongooses, civets and related taxa.

Question 4: Family Felidae (Domestic Cats, ________, Lion, Ocelot, etc.) are the best-known of "cat-like" carnivores.
CheetahSpotted HyenaGolden JackalTiger

Question 5: Family Nandiniidae (African Palm Civet) has only one species (Nandinia binotata), extant across ________.
Sub-Saharan AfricaMayotteSouth AfricaRĂ©union

Question 6: The separation of Carnivora into the broad groups of feliforms and ________ is widely accepted, as is the definition of Feliformia and Caniformia as suborders (sometimes superfamilies).
CaniformiaBearEared sealCanidae

Question 7: Family ________ (the Mongooses, kusimanses, Meerkat, etc.) has 32 species.
Red FoxMongooseLionCheetah

Question 8: The specific characteristics of extant feliform bullae suggest a common ancestor, though one has not been identified in the ________ records.
Geologic time scaleFossilGeologyPaleontology

Question 9: The species vary in size from the tiny Black-footed Cat (Felis nigripes) at only 2 kg (4.5 lb) to the ________ (Panthera tigris) at 300 kg (660 lb).
LionGray WolfTigerDhole

Question 10: The diagram below presents a contemporary view of feliform evolution and familial relationships (cladogram) overlaid onto the ________.
Geologic time scaleCalendarGregorian calendarJulian calendar


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