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Question 1: This has been a source of some controversy; for example, the Administration of ________ has increased the level of secrecy and withdrawn many documents previously available in government archives.
Ronald ReaganGeorge W. BushGeorge H. W. BushDick Cheney

Question 2: FAS ________ projects include the development of a biosecurity resource on the web and the development of interactive, web-based course materials.
Bioterrorism2001 anthrax attacksBiological hazardBiosecurity

Question 3: In June, 1970, ________ descended from the FAS Executive Committee to become its first full-time employee in twenty-two years.
Jimmy CarterSoviet UnionRichard NixonJeremy Stone

Question 4: confronts a broad range of threats in a security environment that has changed dramatically since the end of the ________.
Cold WarJoseph StalinCentral Intelligence AgencyVietnam War

Question 5: NIP also co-authors the Nuclear Notebook column in the ________ and the overview of world nuclear forces published by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) Yearbook.
J. Robert OppenheimerHans BetheBulletin of the Atomic ScientistsEdward Teller

Question 6: (The Boston Chapter later became the ________ (UCS)).
Republican Party (United States)Kyoto ProtocolUnion of Concerned ScientistsDemocratic Party (United States)

Question 7: This report will be important to upcoming debates about nuclear testing and the role of the ________, or RRW.
Nuclear weapons and the United StatesNuclear weapon designReliable Replacement WarheadPit (nuclear weapon)

Question 8: The Strategic Security Program pursues projects intended to reduce the threat to the United States, and the world, from ________, chemical, conventional and nuclear weapons.

Question 9: government opposed civilian ________ because of nuclear proliferation dangers.
PlutoniumUraniumNuclear chemistryNuclear reprocessing

Question 10: FAS inserted this analysis into the debate using printed reports, a ________, and numerous briefings for members of Congress and Congressional staff.
2D computer graphicsComputer animationTraditional animation3D computer graphics

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