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Question 1: In Latin America the term "federalist" is used in reference to the politics of nineteenth-century ________ and Colombia.
BrazilChileArgentinaBuenos Aires

Question 2: The ________ armies of the interior fought for decades to maintain federalism.
GauchoArgentinaCowboySouthern Cone

Question 3: The Federalists opposed the Unitarianists in Argentina and ________ in Colombia in the early 1800s.
Left-wing politicsCentrismMarxismCentre-right

Question 4: Furthermore, Federalists demanded ________ protection for their recently acquired industries and called for the end of Buenos Aires as the intermediary center of trade.
TariffExcess profits taxTax, tariff and tradeFordney–McCumber Tariff

Question 5: ________, head of a group of Gaucho Federalists, defeated General Juan Lavalle in 1829 and took over Buenos Aires Province.
Domingo Faustino SarmientoJuan José ViamonteBartolomé MitreJuan Manuel de Rosas

Question 6: In the Argentine case, many Federalists were provincianos, that is, Argentines who were from outside of ________ and citizens of the interior of Argentina.
Bahía BlancaMerlo PartidoBuenos Aires ProvinceLa Plata

Question 7: San Martín, as well as some Criollos, endorsed a plan for a ________.
DemocracyConstitutional monarchyAbsolute monarchyRepublic

Question 8: It also has reference to the concept of ________ or the type of government called a federation.
FederalismEuropean UnionConfederationInter-Parliamentary Union

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