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Federal State of Austria: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ was enacted in 1920 and amended in 1929.
Constitution of AustriaBasic Law for the Federal Republic of GermanyConstitution of the NetherlandsConstitution of the United Kingdom

Question 2: After a plebiscite which was disputed by Austria, the city of ________ (German Ödenburg) remained in Hungary.
PannonhalmaSopronGyőrGyőr-Moson-Sopron County

Question 3: Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuß (English: Dollfuss) of the Christian Social Party took power in Austria in 1932, and moved the party and Austria towards dictatorship, centralization and ________.
FascismTotalitarianismNazismItalian Fascism

Question 4: After 1920, Austria's government was dominated by the Christian Social Party which retained close ties to the ________.
Catholic ChurchPopePope Gregory IPope John Paul II

Question 5: In 1920, the coalition government established the ________.
Constitution of AustriaConstitution of the NetherlandsBasic Law for the Federal Republic of GermanyConstitution of the United Kingdom

Question 6: The second land-claim that was prevented was Hungary's claim to ________, which, under the name "Western Hungary", had been part of the Hungarian kingdom since 1647.

Question 7: It was prevented from being taken by the new SHS-state through a ________ on October 20, 1920, in which the population chose to remain with Austria.
ReferendumElections by countryBy-electionUnited Kingdom

Question 8: (The constitution of the Austro-fascist state did not consider Austria a ________, but a Bundesstaat, i.e.
DemocracyRepublicMonarchyConstitutional monarchy


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