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Question 1: An Administrative Law Judge, appointed under the ________, presides at the hearing during which documents and sworn testimony are received in evidence, and witnesses are cross-examined.
Administrative Procedure ActRulemakingUnited States CongressGreat Depression

Question 2: In assigning television stations to various cities after ________, the FCC found that it placed many stations too close to each other, resulting in interference.
Soviet occupationsWorld War IICollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IISecond Sino-Japanese War

Question 3: The Office also reviews legal trends and developments not necessarily related to current FCC proceedings, such as intellectual property law, the ________, and electronic commerce.
World Wide WebE-mailInternet Relay ChatInternet

Question 4:
Where are the headquarters of Federal Communications Commission?
Washington, D.C., United States
751 George St. NnPeterborough, ONn Canada

Question 5: ________
Broadband Internet accessRunetNational broadband plans from around the worldInternet access worldwide

Question 6: The president designates one of the commissioners to serve as ________.
CommitteeQuorumChairmanParliamentary procedure

Question 7: As a regulator of ________ broadcast station s, FCC has one major regulatory instrument, revoking broadcast licenses, but short of that has limited leverage except for fines.
Terrestrial televisionSatellite televisionBroadcast television systemsATSC (standards)

Question 8: The FCC has claimed some jurisdiction over the issue of network neutrality (see ________) and has laid down guideline rules that it expects the telecommunications industry to follow.
Network neutrality in Canada110th United States CongressFederal Communications CommissionNetwork neutrality in the United States

Question 9: For digital radio, the FCC chose proprietary HD Radio, which crowds the existing ________ and even AM broadcast band with in-band adjacent-channel sidebands, which create noise in other stations.
AM stereoFM broadcastingShortwaveFM broadcast band

Question 10: Due however to close geographic proximity to the United States, the FCC also provides varied degrees of cooperation, oversight, and leadership for similar communications bodies in other countries of ________.
Americas (terminology)North AmericaAmericasSouth America

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