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Question 1: Fecundity is under both ________ and environmental control, and is the major measure of fitness.

Question 2: In ________, fecundity is the actual reproductive rate of an organism or population, measured by the number of gametes (eggs), seed set or asexual propagules.

Question 3: Fecundity, derived from the word fecund, generally refers to the ability to ________.
Cell (biology)AnimalReproductionSex

Question 4: In ________[1][2], fecundity is the potential reproductive capacity of an individual or the population.

Question 5: In the ________, fecundity refers to the ability of a scientific theory to open new lines of theoretical inquiry.
PseudoscienceRelationship between religion and scienceScientific methodPhilosophy of science

Question 6: Fecundity is important and well studied in the field of ________.
Population ecologyEcosystem modelEcosystemTheoretical ecology


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