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Question 1: Feathers are among the most complex integumentary appendages found in vertebrates and are formed in tiny follicles in the epidermis, or outer skin layer, that produce ________ proteins.
Keratin 6ACollagen, type I, alpha 1CollagenKeratin

Question 2: They were described on ________, and because of easy countability, many evolutionary, ecological, and behavioral publications use them to quantify the intensity of infestation.
Asian House MartinCommon House MartinDelichonBarn Swallow

Question 3: [52] While feathers have been suggested as having evolved from reptilian scales, there are numerous objections, and more recent explanations have arisen from the paradigm of ________.
Evolutionary developmental biologyNatural selectionIntroduction to evolutionLife

Question 4: Feathers have also been noticed in ________ which have been termed feathered dinosaurs.

Question 5: It is also very difficult to clean and rescue birds whose feathers have been fouled by ________.
Marine pollutionOil spillWater pollutionShip pollution

Question 6: [1][2] They are among the outstanding characteristics that distinguish the extant ________ from other living groups.
BirdArchaeopteryxModern birdsEnantiornithes

Question 7: In ________, Daedelus the inventor and Icarus tried to escape his prison by attaching feathered wings to his shoulders with wax, which was melted by the Sun.
MuseGreek mythologyApolloHera

Question 8: Dinosaurs that had feathers or protofeathers include Pedopenna daohugouensis, [55] and Dilong paradoxus, a ________ which is 60 to 70 million years older than Tyrannosaurus rex.

Question 9: Eagle feathers have great cultural and spiritual value to American Indians in the USA and First Nations peoples in ________ as religious objects.
CanadaBarbadosBelizeUnited Kingdom

Question 10: In the United States the religious use of ________ and hawk feathers are governed by the eagle feather law, a federal law limiting the possession of eagle feathers to certified and enrolled members of federally recognized Native American tribes.
EagleGolden EagleBald EagleAquila (genus)


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