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Fear Her: Quiz


Question 1: Dame Kelly Holmes, who was referenced in the episode, was considered for the part of the torchbearer, but was committed to ________ at the time.
Dancing on Ice (Series 4)Dancing on Ice (UK)Dancing on Ice: The TourDancing on Ice (Series 5)

Question 2: The TARDIS materialises on Dame Kelly Holmes Close on the day of the opening ceremony of the ________.
London1948 Summer Olympics1908 Summer Olympics2012 Summer Olympics

Question 3: The episode was filmed during late ________ and early February 2006, with the cold temperatures experienced during filming being explained in the plot as part of the Isolus' endothermic nature.
December 2005August 2007May 2005January 2006

Question 4: [3] The Doctor also tells Rose that he was once a father; Susan Foreman, the Doctor's granddaughter, was one of the ________'s companions.
Companion (Doctor Who)First DoctorDoctor (Doctor Who)Doctor Who

Question 5: As the missing children start to reappear, Rose realises that so will the ________-like drawing that Chloe had made of her father.
DemonChristian demonologyDemonologyUnclean spirit

Question 6: "Fear Her" is an episode of the British science fiction television series ________.
Companion (Doctor Who)TorchwoodThe Sarah Jane AdventuresDoctor Who

Question 7: Nina Sosanya and ________ both starred in the 2005 BBC production of Casanova, also produced by Doctor Who producer Russell T Davies.
TARDISDavid TennantDoctor (Doctor Who)Tenth Doctor

Question 8: The episode was an overcommissioned episode, which replaced a planned but unproduced script by ________.
QI (G series)QIStephen FryPaul Merton

Question 9: The majority of the episode, including exterior shots and Chloe's home, was filmed in the Tremorfa area of Cardiff, with a majority of the remainder filmed in the Doctor Who studios in ________.
WalesNewportNewcastle upon TyneSwansea

Question 10: The episode takes part on the day of the opening ceremony of the ________ in London, almost exclusively on a fictitious cul-de-sac named after the British athlete Kelly Holmes.
2006 Winter Olympics2012 Summer Olympics1948 Summer Olympics1908 Summer Olympics


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