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Question 1: Of these, Constantina married her cousins, firstly Hannibalianus and secondly ________, and Helena married Emperor Julian.
Julian the ApostateConstantius GallusConstantine IConstantius II

Question 2: To seal the alliance between them for control of the Tetrarchy, Maximianus married her to ________ in 307.
Constantine IDiocletianJulian the ApostateMaxentius

Question 3: Fausta Flavia Maxima, Roman Empress, (289-326A.D.) She was the daughter of the ________ Maximianus.
Roman EmperorWestern Roman EmpireRoman EmpireByzantine Empire

Question 4: Her sons became Roman Emperors: Constantine II reigned 337 - 340, ________ reigned 337 - 361, and Constans reigned 337 - 350.
DiocletianConstantius IIJulian the ApostateValentinian I

Question 5: The Emperor ordered the ________ of his wife.
Damnatio memoriaeSeptimius SeverusClaudiusCaligula

Question 6: Although the real reasons are not clear, Constantine put her to death following the execution of ________, his eldest son by Minervina, in 326.
CrispusConstantius IIDiocletianConstantine I


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