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Question 1: The term Meiofauna loosely defines a group of ________ by their size, larger than microfauna but smaller than macrofauna, rather than a taxonomic grouping.

Question 2: the "Sonoran Desert fauna" or the "________ fauna".
AnomalocarididBurgess Shale type faunaStephen FormationBurgess Shale

Question 3: Mesofauna are macroscopic soil invertebrates such as ________, earthworms, and nematodes.

Question 4: Fauna or faunæ is all of the ________ life of any particular region or time.

Question 5: Microfauna are microscopic or very small animals (usually including protozoans and very small animals such as ________).

Question 6: In practice these are metazoan animals that can pass unharmed through a 0.5 – 1 mm mesh but will be retained by a 30 – 45 μm mesh,[1] but the exact dimensions will vary from ________ to researcher.
Scholarly methodScientific methodResearchAcademic publishing

Question 7: Other terms include avifauna, which means "________ fauna" and piscifauna (or ichthyofauna), which means "fish fauna".
ArchaeopteryxModern birdsBirdEnantiornithes

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