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Question 1: ________ (Battle fatigue)
Mental disorderCombat stress reactionPosttraumatic stress disorderMajor depressive disorder

Question 2: Endocrine disease like ________ and hypothyroidism
Diabetes mellitusDiabetes mellitus type 1Diabetic retinopathyDiabetic ketoacidosis

Question 3: heat: ________ (Fever of unknown origin, Drug-induced fever) • Hyperhidrosis (e.g., Sleep Hyperhidrosis; "Sweating") • HyperpyrexiaHyperthermia
Influenza-like illnessFatigue (medical)HeadacheFever

Question 4: After deciding to see a doctor for guidance and treatment against fatigue, the physician will look at a person's ________ along with the evaluation of the fatigue itself.
Medical historyMental status examinationPast medical historyMedical diagnosis

Question 5: ________, which can produce fatigue due to inadequate nutrition
Eating disordersAlzheimer's diseasePsychiatryPsychosis

Question 6: ________ such as celiac disease, multiple sclerosis, and spondyloarthropathy
Autoimmune diseaseHypersensitivityImmune disorderAutoimmunity

Question 7: Depression and other mental disorders that feature ________
AngerAnxietyMelancholiaDepression (mood)

Question 8: It may also have chemical causes, such as poisoning or ________ or vitamin deficiencies.

Question 9: Such a mental fatigue, in turn, can manifest itself both as somnolence (decreased wakefulness) or just as a general decrease of ________, not necessarily including sleepiness.
MemoryCognitive psychologyExecutive functionsAttention

Question 10: Blood disorders such as ________ and hemochromatosis
Iron deficiency anemiaAnemiaAplastic anemiaPernicious anemia

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