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Question 1: Fatigue is a ________ process, often showing considerable scatter even in controlled environments.
John von NeumannMonte Carlo methodProbabilityStochastic

Question 2: The derailment had been the result of a broken ________ axle.
TrainLocomotiveRail transportSteam locomotive

Question 3: This approach usually uses the technologies of ________ and requires an accurate prediction of the rate of crack-growth between inspections.
Civil engineeringMechanical engineeringNondestructive testingMaterials science

Question 4: 1839: ________ describes metals as being tired in his lectures at the military school at Metz.
François AragoEuclidJean-Victor PonceletJakob Steiner

Question 5: Probability distributions that are common in data analysis and in design against fatigue include the lognormal distribution, extreme value distribution, Birnbaum–Saunders distribution, and ________.
Generalized normal distributionPoisson distributionWeibull distributionStudent's t-distribution

Question 6: Fatigue life is influenced by a variety of factors, such as temperature, surface finish, microstructure, presence of ________ or inert chemicals, residual stresses, contact (fretting), etc.

Question 7: On May 8, 1842 one of the trains carrying revellers on their return from Versailles to ________, having witnessed the celebrations of the birthday of Louis Philippe, derailed and caught fire.
CergyÉvry, EssonneMarseilleParis

Question 8: This is a graph of the magnitude of a cyclical stress (S) against the ________ of cycles to failure (N).
Indefinite logarithmLogarithmic scaleInformation theoryDecibel

Question 9: The failures were presaged by ________ in his novel No Highway published in 1948.
Barnes WallisNevil ShuteGregory PeckAirship

Question 10: United Airlines Flight 232, Japan Airlines Flight 123, ________, Los Angeles Airways Flight 417, and El Al Flight 1862
China Airlines Flight 611South African Airways Flight 295Korean Air Lines Flight 0072002 Überlingen mid-air collision


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