Father of the Bride (1950 film): Quiz

Question 1: Father of the Bride at the ________
Box Office MojoCDNOWAmazon.comInternet Movie Database

Question 2: It had a numeraled ________, Father of the Bride Part II, in 1995, also starring Martin and Keaton.
Star WarsStar Wars Episode I: The Phantom MenacePrequelSequel

Question 3: Father of the Bride was also made into a television series which aired on ________ during the 1961-62 season.
CBSThe CW Television NetworkNBCAmerican Broadcasting Company

Question 4: The cast included Leon Ames (Stan), ________ (Ellie), and Myrna Fahey (Kay).
Ruth WarrickAll My ChildrenEileen HerlieSoap opera

Question 5: It was nominated for ________ for Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Picture and Best Writing, Screenplay.
Academy AwardAcademy Award for Best DirectorAcademy Award for Best Film EditingAcademy Award for Best Supporting Actor

Question 6: A remake of the same name starring Steve Martin and ________ was released in 1991.
Academy Award for Best ActressMeryl StreepEllen BurstynDiane Keaton

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Father_of_the_Bride_(1950_film))