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Question 1: The glycerol can be converted to ________ by the liver and thus used as a source of energy.

Question 2: Fatty acids with long chains are more susceptible to intermolecular forces of attraction (in this case, van der Waals forces), raising its ________.
LiquidSolidPhase transitionMelting point

Question 3: Depending on current physiological conditions, adipocytes store fat derived from the diet and liver metabolism or degrade stored fat to supply ________ and glycerol to the circulation.
LipidButyric acidFatty acidLinoleic acid

Question 4: Fats form a category of ________, distinguished from other lipids by their chemical structure and physical properties.

Question 5: Long chains also yield more ________ per molecule when metabolized.

Question 6: One of these is ________ which has been linked to obesity, insulin resistance, and Type 2 diabetes.

Question 7: Fats may be either solid or ________ at room temperature, depending on their structure and composition.
Supercritical fluidLiquidPhase transitionColloid

Question 8: The word "oil" is used for any substance that does not mix with water and has a greasy feel, such as petroleum (or crude oil) and ________, regardless of its chemical structure.
KeroseneGasolineCoalHeating oil

Question 9: ________ and vegetable shortening, which can be derived from the above oils, are used mainly for baking.

Question 10: ________: Pearson Education, Inc.
San FranciscoLos AngelesOakland, CaliforniaSan Jose, California

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