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Question 1: The meat product is usually a deep fried snack; this includes the frikandel (a deep fried skinless minced meat ________), and the kroket (deep fried meat ragout covered in breadcrumbs).
SpainSausageBlack puddingNational dish

Question 2: Precooked foods such as ________ or pizza typically must be used within a few hours, or they become dried out and unpalatable.
French friesUnited StatesFast foodBelgium

Question 3: [21] On January 31, 1990 McDonald’s opened a restaurant in ________, and broke opening day records for customers served.

Question 4: The largest McDonald’s in the world is located in ________, People's Republic of China.

Question 5: As ________ became popular and affordable following the First World War, drive-in restaurants were introduced.
Disc brakeVacuum servoAutomobileThrottle

Question 6: ________ has more than 11,100 restaurants in more than 65 countries.
KFCBaskin-RobbinsSubway (restaurant)Burger King

Question 7: Social scientists have highlighted how the prominence of fast food narratives in popular ________ suggests that modern consumers have an ambivalent relationship (characterized by guilt) with fast food, particularly in relation to children.
Mircea EliadeMythologyCharacter (arts)Urban legend

Question 8: He lived in ________, and worked as a maintenance worker.
ManhattanNew York CityThe BronxStaten Island

Question 9: Kebab shops are also found throughout the world, especially Europe, New Zealand and ________ but they generally are less common in the US.
BarbadosUnited KingdomAustraliaCanada

Question 10: A form of fast food created in ________ (where bentō is the Japanese equivalent of fast food), sushi is normally cold sticky rice served with raw fish.
United KingdomCanadaCambodiaJapan

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